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NFL Betting, what to look for?

Betting on the NFL is fun and extremely profitable should this be done right.  It is worth following the below comments and advise to know what to look for in NFL betting.

#1 – Initial NFL Picks:

As early in the week as possible, make a list of the coming games and make your selections. Go with your best guess, gut feeling, or whatever. Skip the games about which you are unsure. In making NFL picks, whether you are an expert or someone who just likes to watch a game now and then, your first decision is often best.

#2 – The Undecideds:

Go back and mark those NFL picks you are not sure about with a question mark. With fewer decisions remaining, the focus on these games is increased.

#3 – Pondering:

Tuck your list into a convenient pocket and carry it with you. Look it over several times a day. A minute or two twice a day is far more helpful than an hour of study.

#4 – Gather Information:

Read newspapers. If you come to know a given sports writer, you will be able to pick up on the difference between his facts and opinions, and on any bias present. And some publish their NFL picks. There are some shows on TV that may help. Your best bet may be the web. Sites such as CNN, CBS, and Nando.Net are very informative. What others have to say is particularly helpful in thinking about teams you do not follow or do not know much about.

#5 – Argue:

Get into it about your undecided picks with a friend, or anyone interested. Or argue with yourself! “The Bears will stomp Detroit.” “No they won’t. Here’s why.” “How come I can’t make a simple decision like this?” While this may seem an odd or novel idea, it is a real winner. It dramatically increases the focus on the undecided games. And the greater the focus, the more likely your final pick will be the right one.

#6- The Line:

If it drops, then heavy bucks have been placed on the underdog. If it goes up, those bucks are going to the favorite. While public opinion may mean little in many cases, this part of the public is backing their opinion with dollars. If in doubt, you may want to go along.

#7 – Decisions:

Make decisions as possible. Every undecided you cross off the list leaves one less pick to think about and increases the focus on those remaining. As the list gets shorter, you can run down it mentally without even looking at it.

#8 – Avoid Changes:

Be hesitant to change any decision already made; more often than not it will be a loser. This seems particularly true in making NFL picks.

#9 – Put It Off:

Make final decisions on the remaining undecided picks as late in the week as possible. The greater the time between your initial consideration and final decision, the greater the focus, and the better the pick. A Note: There are lots of explanations as to why the idea of increasing focus works. Many great minds have considered unconscious thinking, instinct, intuition, and related concepts. And many have done so at considerable length. While not all agree about how it works, most agree that anything that brings a greater focus on a decision, increases the chance the final choice will be the best available.

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